At SomePublisher, we strive to offer the best experience to you, our readers. We have summarized this ambition into these three core values:

Perfectionistic in every detail.

We are eager to deliver the best possible books to you. Not only do we make an effort to create the most elegant and beautiful books, we also want you to have the best experience no matter where you decide to read our books. We have therefore decided against using any kind of automatic conversion methods. All of our books are handcrafted for every platform. We believe that the only way to fully harness the benefits of every book platform out there (be it in printed form or digital) is to individually design our books for each and every format.

Reader-friendly out of conviction

We love reading. And we know how frustrating it can unfortunately sometimes be. We therefore promise never to impose any artificial restrictions on you. Insofar as allowed by the individual platforms, we will never use any DRM mechanisms to limit the use of our eBooks. When you buy your eBooks directly from us, you will receive all available formats. We are currently investigating ways on offering this for eBooks bought from third-party shops as well.

Our goal is to offer you as much freedom as possible. If you think that there is any way we can improve, we encourage you to reach out to us and help us in creating a more reader-friendly experience.

Independent from the ground up.

We want our books to be available to everyone. To achieve that, we have designed our organizational structure from the ground up to be as independent as possible. We are not limited to certain distributors and will never sign any exclusive contracts. Instead, we open our books to any distributor out there no matter what size.

This also allows us to always be at the bleeding edge of technology and not to be limited by a certain company’s strategy. While we try our best to achieve the greatest results, we do know that we will never be perfect. Our independent structure however allows us to always adopt and change when necessary. We invite you as our readers to join us on this journey and to tell us what you think.